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There is hardly a rumor that holds as persistent as that about a Swiss loan for the self-employed. Again and again you can read or even hear that as a self-employed person has the same opportunities for a loan in Switzerland as an employee or civil servant. Unfortunately that is not the case.

And once you start looking for such a loan and then experience the disappointment associated with it, you’ll wonder why such a rumor is in circulation and who has spread it.

Both questions can be answered quite easily. On the one hand, the rumor about a Swiss loan for the self-employed persists so stubbornly because people believe in it and because they hope that they, as self-employed persons in a discreet and respectable Alpine country, also have a chance of obtaining a loan. On the other hand, credit intermediaries continue to rethink this rumor, because with the plight of others, good money can be made.

Do not despair and become active yourself


The fact that it is always difficult for a self-employed person to find a suitable loan is well known. The banks lack the fixed income, which would make their credit decision easy. Add to this the fact that the Schufa is moving in a negative frame, the chances of a loan in Germany are zero. An alternative must then be forth, which brings the needed money quickly.

Unfortunately, it will not come from Switzerland. In any case, not if you are looking for a Swiss loan for the self-employed. However, if you plan a little and if you start borrowing differently, you may end up with a loan in the end. And this is quite worthwhile.

The loan

The loan

Even if Liechtenstein is not Switzerland and does not provide a Swiss loan for the self-employed, there is a bank there that specializes in loans for foreigners. These are then given as a small loan, if you can prove a fixed income. Since you do not have this as a self-employed person, you have to look for a co-applicant. Maybe the spouse is willing to take the loan in his name. The prerequisite, of course, is that the spouse is not self-employed. Otherwise, another person would have to be found.

If this is possible, then the loan can be requested from Sigma Kreditbank AG quite easily via the Internet. All facts about the loan can be viewed at any time on the website of the bank. If you have additional questions, you can contact the bank in writing. All forms for the application are also stored on the website and can be easily printed. And who then sends a proof of income to the bank, will have in a few days, the money in the account. And this can then be used freely.


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